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Clubs registered on the scheme MUST complete the following quality standards in order to achieve GOLD AWARD accreditation:

5.1  Constitution and Affiliation

Clubs must: -

5.1.1  Operate within a constitution comprising of the following nominated officers: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Accreditation Officer. One person cannot hold more than two of these positions within a club or across 2 clubs.

5.1.2  To appoint and register an Equality Champion on COMET (desirable). Please note this role will be a mandatory requirement for the 2023-24 season.

5.1.3  Affiliate to the appropriate FAW Area Association.

5.1.4  Attend meetings as designated by the respective local junior league. In the event of the secretary being unable to attend, one of the three other nominated officers may attend in his/her absence.

5.1.5  Place the safety, welfare and enjoyment of players at the centre of the club philosophy and constitution.

5.2 Safeguarding and Player Welfare

Clubs must: -

5.2.1  Appoint a nominated Safeguarding Officer to liaise with the local League Safeguarding Officer.

5.2.2  Ensure the nominated Safeguarding Officer attends a FAW Safeguarding Award, holds an equivalent qualification (UK Sports Coaching Safeguarding Award or NSPCC Time to Listen Award) or has a professional occupation (Social Worker, Police Force or teacher) with Safeguarding or Child Protection responsibilities, holds a valid FAW DBS check and COMET ID.

5.2.3  Ensure the Safeguarding Officer’s details are clearly displayed and communicated on club digital platforms, clubhouse and welcome pack.

5.2.4  Ensure that the club and all persons adhere to the FAW Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Practices, Codes of Conduct, all Welfare regulations and instructions issued by the FAW.

5.2.5  Ensure all persons who have access to children and young people participate in the FAW national DBS programme and obtain a valid DBS Certificate and subsequent FAW number. All persons who hold solely administrative positions (including but not limited to Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer or equivalent positions) and as such do not have active roles with children and young people will require approval through the COMET Football Management system.

5.2.6  Ensure all persons with access to children and young people has their COMET ID available at all appropriate times.

5.2.7  Adhere to FAW volunteer recruitment and deployment guidelines.

5.3   Club workforce and development

Clubs must: -

5.3.1  Ensure they adhere to the following ratios at the correct age groups. 

Age group

Qualified coach: Players ratio

DBS certified adult: Players ratio 

Qualified first aiders: Players ratio 

U6 – U8



Minimum 1 per training or playing venue

U9 – U12



Minimum 1 per training or playing venue

U13 – U16



Minimum 1 per training or playing venue


5.3.2  A club may appoint volunteers to the role of ‘team helper’ with any team. Subject to completion of a FAW DBS check these individuals can supervise young people to ensure the correct player to adult ratio is maintained.

5.3.3  Ensure each U6 – U11 age group squad has at least ONE qualified coach, minimum FAW Football Leaders Award.

5.3.4  Ensure each U12 – U16 age group squad has at least TWO qualified coaches, minimum FAW Football Leaders Award.

5.3.5  Ensure each club has at least ONE First Aid qualified person at each training or playing venues. Only FAW First Aid Awards will be accepted from January 2020 for individuals whose current qualification expires 31 December 2019 or are undertaking the qualification for the first time. Individuals whose qualifications expire in 2020, 2021 or 2022 will need to complete and FAW First Aid Award upon expiry of their current qualification. Those undertaking the following medical roles – doctor, nurse or paramedic as a professional occupation or who hold a valid a 3-day (or more) First Aid at Work qualification will be determined as an appropriately qualified first aid provider without completing an FAW 1st Aid qualification.

5.3.6  Appoint a nominated Club Coaching Coordinator that has a minimum FAW B Certificate or UEFA ‘B’ Licence Coach within the club.

5.3.7  Ensure there is a ratio of one valid FAW ‘C’ Certificate coach for every three teams within the club.

5.3.8  Ensure one coach minimum completes and maintains a valid FAW Goalkeepers Award.

5.3.9  Ensure there is an adult(s) in attendance who possesses a FAW DBS, FAW Football Leaders Award and FAW First Aid Award for all age group squad’s matches and training sessions.

5.3.10  Appoint a nominated Club Volunteer Coordinator, must be different to the Coaching Coordinator.

5.3.11  Ensure all coaches are protected through either club or individual indemnity insurance if coaches are not registered on the COMET system.

5.4 Equipment and Facilities

Clubs must: -

5.4.1  Use appropriate and safe facilities for training and matches..

5.4.2  Ensure all portable goalposts are used in accordance with the GOALPOST SAFETY guidelines issued by the FAW ( and are stored away safely and securely when not in use.

5.4.3  Ensure risk assessment and goalpost safety form is completed and stored appropriately by clubs. In addition, an annual review of the risk assessment should be undertaken with appropriate amendments made where required. 

5.5  Club provision and development

Clubs must: -

5.5.1  Ensure all clubs adhere to FAW Small-Sided  Football Regulations.

5.5.2  Adopt an equal playing opportunities policy for all registered players, regardless of gender or ability.

5.5.3  For U6 – U12 age groups, all players should have a minimum of 50% playing time when participating in matches.

5.5.4 Organise and run a MINIMUM of;

•      3 different teams at U6-U11 age groups
•      3 different teams at U12-U16 age groups
•      1 YOUTH OR 1 SENIOR ADULT team

An adult team can be provided by a partner club providing there is a formal relationship for players to transition to these teams from the junior section

5.5.6  Organise and run at least ONE FAW approved community programme;

•       Club or Community Open day,
•       FAW Huddle sessions,
•       Disability football sessions,
•       School football sessions,
•       McDonalds Fun Football Charter Mark  Scheme,
•       Charity Events,
•       Turn up & Play session,
•       Walking Football,
•       Wellbeing sessions
•       Footie Families.

A list of approved Community Activities can be found here.

First Published

08 September 2020

Last Updated

01 September 2022

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