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1.1 The FAW Elite Futsal League is affiliated in its own right to The Football Association of Wales, for all purposes of interpretation hereinafter referred to as the “League”.

1.2 The present Regulations govern the rights, duties and responsibilities of all parties participating and involved in the preparation and organisation of League.



2.1 The FAW will stage the competition every year.

2.2 Any Futsal club, which plays all of its Futsal within the territory of Wales, are invited to apply to the FAW for admission into the League.

To be eligible to participate in the competition, a club must fulfil the following criteria:

a) it must confirm in writing that the club itself, as well as its players and officials, agree to respect the Rules, Regulations, Directives and Decisions of the FAW;

b) it must confirm in writing that the club itself, as well as its players and officials, agree to recognise the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne as defined in the relevant provisions of the UEFA Statutes and agree that any proceedings before the CAS concerning admission to or exclusion from the competition will be held in an expedited manner in accordance with the Code of Sports-related Arbitration of the CAS and with the directions issued by the CAS;

c) it must fill in the official entry documents, which must reach the FAW administration by the deadline communicated in the circular letter accompanying the entry documents. These entry documents contain all the information deemed necessary by the FAW administration for ascertaining compliance with the admission criteria.

2.3 The FAW Chief Executive communicates the decision on admission to the competition to the clubs in writing. Such decisions are final.

2.4 If a club does not fulfil the admission criteria, the FAW administration will not admit it to the competition. Such decisions are final.

2.5 On entering the competition, participating clubs agree:

a) to comply with the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game;
b) to respect the principles of fair play as defined in the UEFA Statutes;
c) to play in the competition until their elimination and to field their strongest team throughout the competition;
d) to comply with all decisions regarding the competition taken by the FAW Council or the FAW administration and communicated appropriately (by circular letter or by official letter, fax or email);
e) not to represent FAW or the competition without FAW's prior written approval;
f) to grant FAW the right to use and authorise others to use photographic, audio-visual and visual material of their team, players and officials (including their names, relevant statistics, data and images), as well as the club name, logo, emblem and team-shirt (including references to the shirt sponsors and kit manufacturers) free of charge worldwide for the full duration of any rights (i) for non-commercial, promotional and/or editorial purposes and/or (ii) as reasonably designated by the FAW. On request, the clubs must supply the FAW, free of charge, with all appropriate material, fully cleared for use, as well as the necessary documentation required to allow the FAW to use and exploit such rights in accordance with this paragraph;
g) to designate a maximum of two main club contacts, who are the only Club Officials permitted to communicate with the Association on the Club’s behalf.

2.6 The club may use its name and/or logo provided all the following requirements are satisfied:

a) the name is mentioned in the statutes of the club;
b) it is registered at the relevant Area Association;
c) it is not regarded by the FAW as derogatory, offensive or irrelevant;
d) the name and logo of a commercial partner must be approved by the FAW.

2.7 Each member club shall pay an Annual Subscription of One Hundred Pounds (£100). The Subscription to be received by the League Secretary by 1st October each year.

2.8 Each member club must pay the FAW a Match Fee of £30 for every League match. This fee covers the cost of the facility, the referees, the match balls and the marketing of the match. This will be invoiced twice per season. Clubs failing to pay any debt owing to The League by the due date will automatically incur a fine of £10 per day, until the total fine is paid.

2.9 Clubs shall not withdraw from membership without due notice of such an intention being given in writing before March 31st. Clubs ignoring this requirement will be liable to a fine of £100. Clubs withdrawing without completing their fixtures will be subject to a £500 fine. The un-played fixtures will be recorded as 5-0 defeats.

2.10 There is no promotion or relegation from the League after Year 1. Clubs will need to reapply to the FAW for membership in subsequent seasons.



3.1 The clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their players, officials, members and supporters.



4.1 Each club shall, irrespective of the FAW’s insurance coverage, cover any and all risks with reputable insurers at their own expense.



5.1 The League shall comprise of two Conferences. The two Conferences are geographically split as ‘North’ and ‘South’.

5.2 The two clubs in each Conference with the highest number of points at the end of the season will progress to the Futsal League Play-Offs.

5.3 The Northern Conference winners will be drawn against the Southern Conference runners up in a semi-final fixture.  The Southern Conference winners will be drawn against the Northern Conference runners up in the other semi-final fixture.

5.4 The two winning clubs from the Play-Off Semi-Final progress to the Final, with the Winners being determined as the FAW Futsal League Champions.

5.5 If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of a mini tournament, their position within the group is established according to the following criteria, in the order given:

a) Higher number of points obtained in the matches among the teams in question;

b) Superior goal difference resulting from the matches among the teams in question;

c) Higher number of goals scored in the matches involving the teams in question;

d) If, after having applied criteria a) to c) to several teams, two teams still have an equal ranking, the criteria a) to c) are reapplied to determine the rankings of the two teams. If this procedure does not lead to a decision, criteria e) to f) apply;

e) Results of all group matches:

1. Better goal difference;

2. Higher number of goals scored;

f) Drawing of lots.

5.6 If two teams which have the same number of points and the same number of goals scored and conceded play their last group match against each other and are still equal on points at the end of this match, the rankings of the two teams in question is determined by kicks from the penalty mark and not by the criteria listed under 5.5 (a) to (f), provided no other teams within the group have the same number of points on completion of all group matches. Should more than two teams have the same number of points, the criteria listed under paragraph 5.5 apply. This procedure is only necessary if a ranking of the teams is required to determine the group winner or the team which qualifies for the Play-Offs, as the case may be.

5.7 Each team plays the other teams in the group twice, with three points awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat.



6.1 The FAW Administration will determine the match dates, which can only be changed in extreme circumstances.

6.2 The Match venues and halls will be fixed by the FAW with both Conference matches being played consecutively, unless the FAW decides otherwise.

6.3 Kick-off times are fixed by the FAW. In venues without any proper warm-up area, and in the case of two consecutive matches, the organisers must leave at least 15 minutes for the warm-up.



7.1 If a club refuses to play or is responsible for a match not taking place or not being played in full, the relevant FAW Committee will take a decision in the matter.

7.2 Exceptionally, the relevant FAW Committee can validate the result as it stood at the moment when the match was abandoned if the match result was to the detriment of the club responsible for the match being abandoned.

7.3 A club which refuses to play or is responsible for a match not taking place or not being played in full loses all entitlement to payments from the FAW.

7.4 Upon receipt of a reasoned and well-documented request from the club or clubs concerned, the relevant FAW Committee may set an amount of compensation due for financial loss.

7.5 If the referee declares that the match cannot commence because the field is not fit for play or for any other reason, it must in principle be played 7 days later, subject to the approval of the FAW administration. The match can still be replayed on another date set by the FAW administration, in consultation with the clubs and the associations concerned.  In case of dispute, the FAW administration fixes the date and kick-off time of the match. Its decision is final. 

7.6 If a match is abandoned before the end of normal time or during any extra time, because the field is not fit for play, or for any other reason, it must in principle be replayed in full seven days later, subject to the approval of the FAW administration. The match can still be replayed on another date set by the FAW administration, in consultation with the clubs and the associations concerned. In case of dispute, the FAW administration fixes the date and the kick-off time of the match. Its decision is final.



8.1 Halls must be in good condition in terms of both their playing surface and facilities, fully comply with the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game. The FAW will determine the venues, the decision of which is final.

8.2 Balls used must conform to the requirements laid down in the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game and will be provided by the FAW.



9.1 All teams must be at the match hall at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off.

9.2 The players are invited to shake hands with their opponents and the referees after the line-up procedure, as well as after the final whistle, as a gesture of fair play.

9.3 Only three team officials, one of whom must be the first aid officer and nine substitute players are allowed to sit on the substitutes’ bench, i.e. a total of twelve persons. The names of all these persons and their functions must be listed on the team-sheet. Suspended players are not allowed to warm up or sit on the bench on match days.

9.4 Smoking is not allowed during matches.

9.5 No spectators are allowed alongside the touch-line or goal-line, unless behind a fence, net or barrier.



10.1 Matches are played in conformity with the current FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game.



11.1 The maximum number of substitutes permitted per team is nine. The number of substitutions during the match is unlimited.

11.2 No substitutions are allowed during time-outs. Substitutions are allowed as soon as a time-out finishes.

11.3 All substitutes must wear a bib when not playing, which is handed to the substituted player in the substitution zone when a substitution takes place.

11.4 Before every League match, each team must submit a team sheet on which the numbers, surnames and first names of up to 14 players in the squad must be indicated, together with the surnames and first names of the officials seated on the substitutes’ bench. This must be through the systems and procedures as indicated by the Association from time to time.  . The numbers on the players’ shirts must correspond with the numbers indicated on the team sheet. The goalkeepers and team captain must be identified.

11.5 Both clubs must submit their team sheets using the systems and procedures at least 45 minutes before kick-off.

11.6 If the match sheet is not completed and returned in time, clubs will be fined in accordance with the Scale of Fines in Regulation 27.

11.7 Clubs must name a minimum of 8 players on the Team Sheet, all of whom must be available to play in the match. Failure to comply with this Regulation will be subject to a fine in accordance with the Scale of Fines in Regulation 27.

11.8 All nine substitutes listed on the match sheet may take part in the match.

11.9 If there are fewer than three players on either of the teams, the match will be abandoned. In this case, the Control and Disciplinary Body decides on the consequences.



12.1 After the team sheets have been completed and signed by both teams and returned to the referee, and if the match has not yet kicked off, no replacement is allowed except in the following cases:

a)  If any of the first five players listed on the team sheet are not able to start the match due to unexpected physical incapacity, they may only be replaced by any of the nine substitutes listed on the initial team sheet. The substitute(s) in question may then only be replaced by a registered player (players) not listed on the initial team sheet, so that the quota of substitutes is not reduced;

b) If any of the nine substitutes listed on the team sheet are not able to be fielded due to unexpected physical incapacity, they may only be replaced by any player not listed on the initial match sheet;

c) If a goalkeeper listed on the team sheet is not able to be fielded for any reason, he may be replaced by another goalkeeper not previously listed on the match sheet;

d) The club concerned must, upon request, provide the FAW administration with the necessary medical certificates.



13.1 The half-time interval must not exceed fifteen minutes. If extra time is required, there will be a five-minute break between the end of normal time and the start of extra time. As a rule, the players remain on the pitch during these five-minute breaks, at the discretion of the referee.



14.1 For matches where the winner needs to be decided by kicks from the penalty mark, the procedure laid down in the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game promulgated by the IFAB applies.

14.2 The referee decides which goal will be used for the kicks:

14.3 If the taking of kicks from the penalty mark cannot be completed because of reasons beyond control, the results will be decided by drawing of lots by the referee in the presence of the FAW Administration and the two team captains.

14.4 If through the fault of a club, the taking of kicks from the penalty mark cannot be completed, the provisions of paragraphs 7.1 to 7.3 of the present regulations apply.



15.1 A player is eligible to play in the competition provided he fulfils all of the following conditions:

a) he is duly registered with the Football Association of Wales according to FAW Rules and those of the FIFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players;

b) he is only eligible to play for one ‘small-sided’ club in the National Association concerned;

c) he is duly registered with the FAW administration according to paragraph 15.3.

15.2 Each player taking part in the competition must be in possession of their COMET Registration e-card.  The FAW Administration or referee may request to see this at any match day,

15.3 Players are registered for the League by completing the FAW Futsal Registration Form using the systems and procedures as indicated by the Association from time to time, which is to be signed by the player and the club and completed as follows:

15.4 Players can be registered at any time until 5:00pm on the last working day, on the day before the match.

15.5 At any point in the competition, a squad list may comprise a maximum of 20 players.

15.6 No player will be permitted to register after the last Thursday in March each season.

15.7 A player should not be approached, except during the period of the “Close Season” by any club or person attempting to induce such a player to play for another club or clubs without at least three (3) days’ notice in writing to the Secretary of the club for which the player was last known to have played and the negotiations with the player may only commence after three (3) days of such notice being given and must cease after seven (7) days from the day of such notice being given. A second notice shall not be given by the same club in respect of the same player during the same futsal season.

The approaching club or person shall not give notice of intention to approach more than one (1) player of a club at the same time and shall not give notice of intention to approach another player of the same club within twenty-one (21) days of a prior notice.

15.9 If a club cannot count on the services of at least two goalkeepers registered on the list of players because of long-term injury or illness, the club concerned may temporarily replace the goalkeeper concerned and register a new goalkeeper at any time during the League season. The club must provide the FAW with the necessary medical evidence. The FAW may require further medical examination of the goalkeeper(s) by an expert appointed by the FAW administration at the cost of the club. Once the injured or ill goalkeeper is fit to be fielded again he can resume his position in place of his nominated substitute.

15.10 In the course of a season, a player is eligible to play for another club which is also taking part in this season’s competition, providing he has been registered correctly in accordance with Regulation 15.1 – 15.7.

15.11 Players may register with a maximum of three Futsal clubs during the period 1st July to 30th June, but is only eligible to play in official matches for two clubs during this period.

15.12 When submitting player registration lists, the club concerned must vouch for the content and are responsible for ensuring that the aforementioned provisions are respected.

15.13 The FAW Council decides on questions of player eligibility. Challenged decisions are dealt with by the relevant FAW Committee.



16.1 At all matches, players must wear on the back of the shirt numbers between 1 and 99. The numbers on the back of their shirts must correspond with the numbers indicated on the official team sheet. The number 1 must be worn by a goalkeeper.

16.2 Player names are permitted on the back of shirts.

16.3 At all matches in this competition, team captains must wear a captain’s armband.

16.4 Clubs may use up to three different sponsors on the match shirt provided that the overall surface covered does not exceed 200cm2.  



17.1 The FAW administration will appoint the referees for each match. Only referees on the official FAW List of Futsal Referees are eligible. For each match, an official timekeeper is also appointed by the FAW.

17.2 The referees and timekeeper must arrive at the venue 45 minutes before their first match.

17.3 Should an appointed referee fail to appear, the timekeeper should replace them. A qualified referee or any other competent person should be appointed as the timekeeper.

17.4 If a timekeeper cannot be appointed by the FAW, it is the responsibility of the home team to provide a suitable person to do this.

17.5 Within 30 minutes after the match is completed, the referee completes the official Referee’s Match Report Form then signs and submits it to the FAW administration, using the systems and procedures as indicated by the Association from time to time.

17.6 In the case of red cards or any other major incidents, the referee writes an additional, detailed report for the FAW Compliance department, which must be submitted within two working days of the match.



18.1 As a rule, a player who is sent off the field of play is suspended for the next match in the competition. The FAW Compliance Department is entitled to augment this punishment. For serious offences the punishment can be extended to all FAW competitions.

18.2 A player is automatically suspended for the next competition match after three cautions in different matches. However, cautions from matches that have not resulted in a suspension expire before the Play-Off Round of the League.

18.3 Cautions and pending yellow-card suspensions expire on completion of the League season.



19.1 All questions relating to the qualification of competitors or interpretation of the Rules, or any dispute whatever shall be referred to the FAW Council, whose decision shall be final and binding on both Clubs.

19.2 Protests cannot be lodged against factual decisions taken by the referee.

19.3 Every protest must be made in writing and must contain the particulars of the ground upon which it is founded. Two copies of the protest must be lodged with the Association, accompanied by a fee of £100.00 within two days of the match to which it relates (Sundays not included). The fee shall be forfeited to the Association in the event of the protest not being sustained.

19.4 The Council may order any Club engaged in a dispute or protest to pay such sum as may be considered necessary towards defraying the expenses incurred.

19.5 Any protest relating to the hall, match ball, goal posts or other appurtenances of the game shall not be entertained by the Council unless an objection has been lodged with the Referee before the commencement of the match, and not later than 30 minutes before the official time of the kick-off. The Referee shall require the venue to correct the cause of the objection, if this is possible without unduly delaying the progress of the match.

19.6 When an objection has been lodged with the Referee, a protest must be made to the Association and neither objection nor protest shall be withdrawn, except by leave of the Council.

19.7 The Protest will be heard as per the Rules and Regulations of the FAW.



20.1 For all matches in the competition, the FAW pays for the facilities, referees, timekeepers, and, if applicable, tournament administrator.



21.1 The FAW is the exclusive, absolute legal and beneficial owner of the commercial rights to the League. The FAW expressly reserves all such commercial rights and shall be exclusively entitled to exploit, retain and distribute all revenues derived from the exploitation of such commercial rights.

21.2 The FAW has the exclusive right to appoint partners. Any such partners appointed by the FAW (and any other third party designated by FAW), as well as their products and/or services, may benefit from the exclusive right to exploit certain commercial rights in and to the League and its matches. The clubs must take the necessary measures to ensure implementation and enforcement of the rights granted by FAW to partners.



22.1 The FAW is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights of the competition, including any current or future rights of FAW’s names, logos, brands, medals and trophies. Any use of the aforementioned rights requires the prior written approval of FAW, and must comply with any conditions imposed by the FAW.

22.2 All rights to the fixture list, as well as any data and statistics in relation to the matches in the competition, are the sole and exclusive property of the FAW.



23.1 In case of litigation resulting from or in relation to these Regulations, the provisions regarding the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) laid down in the UEFA Statutes apply.



24.1 Any matters not provided for in these Regulations, such as cases of force majeure, will be settled by the Chief Executive Officer and FAW Council, whose decisions are final.



25.1 The FAW administration is entrusted with the operational management of the competition and is therefore entitled to take the decisions and adopt the detailed provisions necessary for implementing these Regulations.

25.2 All annexes form an integral part of these regulations.

25.3 Any breach of these regulations may be penalised by the FAW in accordance with the FAW Rules and Regulations.

25.4 These Regulations were adopted by the FAW National League Board at its meeting on Tuesday 1st September 2020 and came into force on the same day.



Failure to fulfil a fixture - 1st offence plus deduction of points  £100

Failure to fulfil a fixture - each additional offence plus deduction of points £150

Failure to submit team sheet to referee & opponents on time  £10

By late arrival, causing match to be delayed £1.00 fine per minute, minimum £10

Failure of club to attend any Special General Meetings or Media Launch £100

Failure to reply to correspondence £10

Starting a fixture with only 8 players £5

Starting a fixture with only 7 players £10

Playing an ineligible player (1st offence)

Fine plus deduction of points gained £100

Playing an ineligible player (each additional offence).

Fine plus deduction of points gained £150

First Published

08 September 2020

Last Updated

03 February 2022

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