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1. Title 

This combination of participating Association Football Clubs (each a “Club”) shall be called “The Adran North & South” and being an Associate Member of the FAW is for all purposes of interpretation  hereinafter referred to as the “League”. 


2. Constitution and Structure 

The League shall comprise of two (2) Divisions of the League, known as “The Adran North” and  “The Adran South”. 

The FAW will own and control the League Rules, implemented by League Management Committees. The  Clubs will observe these rules (“Rules”). In addition, the Clubs will observe the FAW Rules and Regulations  and the Laws of the Game, as amended from time to time. In the event of a conflict between these Rules  and the then current FAW Rules and Regulations, the FAW Rules and Regulations will apply. 

The League shall be split into a League (North) division and a League (South) division, each comprising a  minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 Clubs for each season, the precise geographical split being decided by  the FAW. Should any area have more teams wishing to partake, the League Management Committee may  apply to the FAW for permission to run a second division.

Each club must be registered with its relevant Area Association. No Club shall be allowed more than one  team in the League. 

Each club in each division shall play each other twice, on a home and away basis, with three points  awarded to the winner of a game and one point to each Club in the event of a draw. The Club with the  highest number of points at the end of the season in League (South) will be the League (South) Champions.  The Club with the highest number of points at the end of the season in League (North) will be the League  (North) Champions. In the event of two or more Clubs in the same division having the same number of  points, the League (South) or League (North) Champions (as applicable) will be decided by which Club has  the highest difference between goals scored and goals against. In the event of more than one Club in the  same division having the same goal difference, the Club that has scored the highest number of goals will  be the Champions.

A Play-Off match will be arranged between the winners of the League (North) and League (South) each  season. The winning Club will be the overall League Champions for that season and will be eligible for  promotion into Tier 1, subject to the FAW Pyramid Regulations. 

If a club wishes to resign from the League after being accepted at the League AGM and before completing  its fixtures, it will be fined £300.

If a club wishes to resign from the League at the end of the season, it must do so by 1st April each year. If  notice is served after this, and before the League AGM the Club will be liable to a fine of £250.

By applying to enter the League, all clubs will be deemed to have accepted the League’s Code of Conduct (as per the FAW). Clubs, players or officials transgressing this code will be liable to be charged with misconduct. The League and Club's responsibility to safeguarding is an essential priority at all times. 

All clubs affiliated to this League are responsible for the conduct of their own officials, players and spectators as per the FAW Safeguarding guidelines. Clubs are required to take all precautions necessary to prevent match Officials and officials, and/or players of other clubs being threatened or assaulted during or following the conclusion of matches. 


3. League Management Committee

Each Division shall be managed by a League Management Committee (LMC), and shall be bound by their  rules for participation of the League Management Committee. 

Each League Management Committee will consist of a Chairperson, League Secretary, Safeguarding Officer, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and up to three Club Representatives nominated by member clubs.


4. Appointment of League Secretary

A League Secretary for each Division shall be appointed by the FAW. Such an Official shall be an Officer of  the League, and not directly or indirectly, connected with any Club in membership with the Division nor  shall they be allowed to exercise voting power at any meeting held under its jurisdiction. 


5. Jurisdiction

The League Management Committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters whether specially provided for  in these rules or not. They shall have power to form any Sub-Committee they may consider necessary and  may delegate all or any of their powers to any such Sub-Committee.

The LMC shall meet every month, if necessary. No resolution shall be rescinded at the meeting at which it  is passed. 

Officials and Members of the Management Committee shall have free access to any part of the Football  Grounds during the progress of all League and Cup matches.

A member club, or player, ordered by the League to provide a written response to a charge preferred by  the League or a protest, appeal, claim or complaint lodged with the League by a club or player must do so  within seven Business Days of the date of the letter from the League requesting the written response.

Such written response must stipulate whether or not the club requires a personal hearing. Should a club or  player fail to provide a written response within the stipulated seven Business Days, they will be deemed to  have denied the charge of misconduct or allegation contained in the protest, appeal, claim or complaint  lodged and the League will take the required steps to convene a hearing at which the club or player will be  required to attend.


6. Annual General, Extraordinary General and Special General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the league shall be held each year at a time and place to be  determined by the League Management Committees; there shall be provision for each division to host its  own AGM, however both shall be on the same day. 

Notice of such general meetings shall be sent to all clubs in membership of the League, together with an  agenda at least 14 business days prior to the date set for the meeting and such notice shall also state the  objective for which the meeting is convened. 

Each Club in membership must be represented at all Annual General, Extraordinary General and Special  General Meetings and shall be entitled to one vote. Each Club shall notify to the Secretary its probable  voting representative by name at least 48 hours before a meeting of Clubs. Clubs failing to attend, in the  proscribed manner, may be liable to a fine of £50 in accordance with the Standard Scale of Fines.


7. Objectionable Conduct

At the Annual General Meeting, or any Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, it shall be  competent for a majority of the Delegates present and voting thereat to exclude from membership any  Club whose conduct has, in their opinion, been objectionable.


8. Eligibility of Membership

Only those Clubs and prospective Clubs which attain the Tier Women’s Licence shall be eligible for  membership of the League in the season which next commences after the grant of such Tier 2 Licence.


9. Annual Subscriptions 

Each Member Club shall pay an Annual Subscription of Fifty Pounds (£50). The Subscription to be received  by the League Secretary by 1st July each year.

The League Secretary shall by 1st June, inform all Members Clubs of Annual Subscriptions / Entrance Fees  due. AII Entrance Fees to be received by the League Secretary by 1st July. 

Clubs failing to pay any debt owing to The League by the due date will automatically incur a fine of £10.


10. League Funds

The League Funds shall be banked in the name of “Tier 2 Women’s League North/South” as is applicable  and shall be administered by the Treasurers of the League Management Committees.

The League Balance Sheet, duly audited shall be forwarded to each Club before the date of the AGM.


11. Correspondence

All correspondence between clubs and the League must be made via the authorised club secretary as  detailed on COMET.

The League Secretary must be informed in writing by the clubs of any changes in their officials.


12. Rules - Infringement/Revisions

Any infringement of The League Rules shall be dealt with in such a manner as the League Management  Committee may think fit. Any appeal against the decision of the LMC shall be to the Area Association to  which the Division is affiliated in accordance with its Rules. 

No alteration of or addition to existing Rules shall be made, except at the Annual General Meeting or a  Special General Meeting convened on a requisition signed by not less than thirds of the Clubs comprising  the League, and then only upon such resolution being carried by a two-thirds majority of the Members and voting thereon. Notice of alteration or addition must be sent to the Secretary not less than fourteen  days before the date of such Meeting, the same to be printed and forwarded to the Clubs at least seven  days before the Meeting. 

Note: Notice of alteration of Rules for the Tier 2 Women’s League Annual General Meeting must reach the  League Secretary by the 31st of March each year. 

Any rule changes submitted by a club must be signed by the Club Secretary (as listed on COMET) and also  by the chairman or a committee member. 


13. Protests, Claims and Complaints

All protests, appeals, claims or complaints must be sent to the League Secretary in duplicate and  accompanied with a fee of £25, which shall be forfeited in the event of a protest, appeal, claim or complaint not being upheld. AII matters relating to a particular match must be lodged with the League  Secretary within TWO DAYS of the match in question (excluding Sundays & Bank Holidays). 

All questions regarding eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of the rules of the League shall  be decided by the relevant League Management Committee, but no objection relative to the dimensions  of the ground, goalposts, crossbars or other appurtenances of the game shall be entertained unless a  written protest is lodged with the referee prior to the game 

Where there is evidence of a breach of the League’s rule by a club or player, the LMC will investigate the  matter and when considered appropriate, prefer a charge of an alleged breach of rule against the club or  player(s) concerned. Alternatively, the League, in its absolute discretion, may elect to refer any such  matter to the Compliance Department of the Football Association of Wales for investigation. Any  proceedings resulting from such an investigation will be in accordance with Section E of the Association’s  Rules.

Where the League has elected not to refer a matter to the Compliance Department, the League will  appoint a Panel consisting of THREE persons, one of which will be appointed as Chair of the Panel, elected  from members of the LMC (excluding the League Secretary) to consider all protests, appeals, claims or  complaints lodged by a club or player(s) as well as charges preferred by the League of an alleged breach of  rule.

Where a club or player(s) elect to have a personal hearing as provided for in League Rule 14, the  appointed panel will conduct its business in accordance with the provisions as set out in the Football  Association of Wales memorandum on Procedure at Personal Hearings.

a) In the case of a protest, appeal, claim or complaint, the Panel shall have the power to  grant or deny the protest, appeal, claim or complaint (in whole or in part) as well as the  power to order any such penalty or sanction as the Panel shall reasonably deem fit. 

b) In the case of a charge for an alleged breach of a League rule being found proven, the  Panel shall have the power to order any such penalty or sanction as the Panel shall  reasonably deem fit. 

c) In all matters, the Panel shall have the discretion to impose a costs order against any of  the parties involved. 

If dissatisfied with any decision given by the Management Committee or a Sub Committee or Panel  appointed by the LMC, a club or player shall have the right of appeal to the Area Association to which the  division is affiliated in accordance with their rules.


14. Registration and Transfer of Players

All clubs must register a minimum of 14 players by 1st September each year. Clubs failing to play scheduled  fixtures because they have insufficient players registered will be dealt with by the League as failing to fulfil  a fixture. 

Provisions relating to Player registrations, contracts and transfers shall (if as so far as applicable) be dealt  with in accordance with these Rules and the FAW Rules and FAW Regulations including Rules 55-91 of the  FAW Rules.

All Player registration and transfer forms and any other applicable documents must be received by the  FAW (in each case, using the systems and procedures set by the FAW from time to time) by 5pm on the  last Business Day prior to the Match in which the Club wishes the Player to participate.

To initiate a player transfer, seven days’ notice must be served to the current club via COMET. Unless  permission is granted by the current club, negotiations with the player may only commence after seven  days have passed and must cease 21 days after the initial notice was served. 

Only one player from one club may be approached at a time and at least 21 days must have passed  between the initial notice on the first player and notice being given for a second player. Should the  approach be rejected, the club may not approach the same player again (subject to them remaining at the  same club) for the remainder of the season. Registration periods must be observed and player transfers  concluded before the applicable period ends.

Any club found guilty of inducing or attempting to induce, directly or indirectly, a player to join their club  outside of the regulations shall be guilty of misconduct and be liable for such penalty as the LMC shall decide.


15. Ineligible Players

Any Club playing an ineligible player shall have three points deducted from its League record for each  offence and be liable to a fine in accordance with the Standard Scale of Fines.


16. Kit Regulations

Each Club in the League shall register its colours with the Secretary by 1st July each year. In the event of  any two Clubs having similar playing colours, the visiting team shall make a change, unless otherwise  agreed upon by the League Secretary. Goalkeepers shall play in colours distinct from other members of  the teams. No Club shall be permitted to register or play a Match in shirts the colour of which is likely to  cause confusion with the outfits worn by Referees and Assistant Referees. All kits for Matches must  comply with FAW Kit Regulations.

If undershorts or tights or undersocks or undershirts are to be worn by a Player in a Match, they must be  of a colour approved by the Panel in relation to the applicable Authorised Kit prior to the relevant season. The colours of the clothing worn by any ball kids and/or other personnel for each Match must not clash  with those of either of the competing teams or Match Officials.

The players of each team must wear individually numbered shirts. Numbers worn by players must  correspond with the team sheet submitted to the referee. 


17. Promotion and Relegation

Clubs shall be promoted to and relegated from the League in accordance with the FAW Regulations for the  Women’s Pyramid League System and FAW Rules. 

Should a Club withdrawn from the League between 1st July and the commencement of the following  season, no adjustments to the number of Clubs in membership of the League will be made. The remaining  Clubs shall constitute the members of the League for that season. 


18. Regulations Re: Matches

All matches shall be played under the rules of The Football Association of Wales, and shall be of 90  minutes duration. Clubs shall not mutually agree to play a match in lieu of a League match.

If a match is played to a conclusion it must be a League match. Any match not completed may be ordered  to stand as a completed match, or be replayed for the full period of 90 minutes as the LMC may direct.

A Club may at its discretion use three substitute players from five nominated substitute players at any  time in a match for any reason (injury or otherwise), except to replace a player who has been suspended  from the game by the Referee. 

The substitutions can only be made when play is stopped for any reason and the Referee has given  permission. The substitute players shall be nominated prior to the commencement of the game. 

Clubs responsible for a late start, shall be liable to a fine in accordance with the standard scale of fines.

Permission is required from both the League and the relevant Area Association for all friendly matches and tournaments within Wales. If outside Wales, sanction is also required from the FAW. 


19. Fixtures

The League Management Committee shall arrange the Fixture List annually. The season will commence in  September. 

The Fixtures will be played on Sundays, unless, where both teams are in agreement, a Sunday fixture may  be brought forward to a midweek evening to be played under floodlights, but only during the preceding  week of the original fixture. 

Any Club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play its League matches on the appointed  date or causing a game to be abandoned without giving a reason deemed to be satisfactory by the LMC,  shall have three points deducted, be liable for any reasonable expenses as deemed necessary by the LMC  and shall be fined £50. Any subsequent charges will be doubled.

The League reserves the right to arrange matches for those clubs who do not have a scheduled fixture.

The Home Club shall be responsible for notifying opponents and match officials of the venue and team colours at least five days before a game, this may be done via COMET. The Away Club shall also indicate  their kit colours via COMET at least two days before the game. If this is not done the club may be liable to  a fine of £10. An away club or referee not receiving confirmation of a fixture must contact the home club for guidance and advise the League of their actions – clubs and officials are expected to travel to all  fixtures unless instructed to the contrary. 

Each club shall be entitled to request two league fixture-free dates per season without penalty. Requests  must be made to the League Secretary, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the requested date; clubs  should note requests are guaranteed and shall only be considered as confirmed if communicated as such  by the LMC. Cup Conference dates are not applicable and shall be adhered to.


20. Postponements

No match may be postponed without the sanction of the LMC. Clubs are responsible for alerting the  Fixture Secretary as soon as possible should a fixture need to be postponed in the seven days leading up to a game. 

If a pitch is considered unfit to play by the local authority or Club prior to match day then the Fixture  Secretary must be notified immediately so as to consider an alternate venue or fixture before any team  postpones the match. 

If a pitch is unfit owing to weather conditions on matchday, photographic evidence must be forwarded to  the Fixture Secretary highlighting the affected area(s) from differing angles and allowing for clear  identification of the ground from which to photos were taken as well as being dated and timed. Should a  club have reason to suspect their pitch may be unplayable an inspection should be performed at a  reasonable time as to notify the opponent prior to travelling. It is the home team’s responsibility to inform  the opposition and referee(s) of a postponement in these circumstances; failure to do so carries a £20 fine. 

In the event of both teams arriving at the venue, the referee is the sole judge as to the state of ground and conditions. 

Should a club be required to postpone a fixture due to participation in The FAW Women’s Cup, relevant  Area Association Cup or League Cup, must give the Fixture Secretary and the Clubs affected at least seven days clear notice.

Clubs affected by the selection of two or more players (or single player if the individual is their regular  goalkeeper) for International Duty by their National Association may request a postponement by the LMC  of its League fixture provided at least ten days’ notice is given to the League Secretary in writing. Activities  that fall into this category only include Senior, Under 19 and Under 17 UEFA and FIFA competitive matches  or international friendlies and trials or camps during scheduled international dates. 

Similarly, if a club has two or more players invited to join a representative team, clubs may request a  postponement and should do so at least ten days in advance of the fixture to the Fixture Secretary. It is  expected that clubs shall encourage their players to take part in representative fixtures, if so selected. Any  player selected to play in any representative match or other match arranged by the LMC or refusing to  play, shall in the absence of good and sufficient cause be judged guilty of misconduct and any club which  shall be found to have encouraged or instigated such conduct on the part of the player shall also be  deemed guilty of misconduct. No player under suspension shall be selected to represent the League. A  representative match is one defined as being under the auspices of the FAW, League or Area Association  to which the club is registered.

In addition to the above, in exceptional circumstances the LMC may grant a postponement. All postponed  matches will be re-arranged by the Fixture Secretary.

Any team failing to fulfil its League fixtures will be liable to a fine as per the scale of fines. Teams committing a subsequent offences in the same season shall be dealt with by the LMC as they see fit and may be liable to expulsion from the League.


21. Times for Kick-Off

The kick-off times for matches shall be 2pm on a Sunday.

No kick-off times later than the scheduled time will be permitted, unless under floodlights and both clubs  are in agreement.

Applications for a different kick-off time and / or day of the week for a match must be made in writing to  the Fixture Secretary no later than 14 days before the date of the match. Midweek and Holiday fixtures  may kick off at mutually agreed times subject to League approval.


22. Ground and Dressing Room Criteria 

Each Club in the League shall register its ground (and alternative ground if required) with the Secretary. All  clubs in membership, and those applying for membership, must have grounds that are acceptable to the  League Management Committee and in compliance with the Tier 2 Licensing Regulations. 

The Pitch size must comply with the Laws of the Game. 


a) Dressing Rooms 

(i) Players Dressing Rooms 

The dressing rooms for both teams must be heated, well ventilated, free of damp, secure  and must be situated within the boundaries of the ground. 

Separate changing rooms must be provided for both teams, capable of accommodating a  minimum of 16 persons. 

Clubs must have toilet facilities of at least one W/C and one hand basin with hot and cold  running water within the immediate vicinity of the dressing room complex. A separate  shower area must be provided for each team with a minimum of four shower heads. 

(ii) Match Officials Dressing Room

A separate area must be provided for the exclusive of match officials, which must be  capable of accommodating at least four persons. 

There must be a separate shower for Match Officials and a W/C and wash basin with hot  and cold running water in the immediate vicinity. 

b) Medical 

All clubs must have first aid equipment which must include a stretcher. The location of this  equipment must be clearly marked in all dressing rooms and ideally a separate First Aid Room  should be available. 

Clubs should arrange for suitably trained first aid personnel to be provided for players and  spectators at all matches. 

Emergency vehicles must be able to drive into the stadium. The access and egress point(s)  must not be blocked. A parking space must be identified for an emergency vehicle to park,  which must not be occupied by any other vehicle or used for any other purpose. 

Unobstructed access leading from a spectator area in the stadium to the playing area must be  provided to allow access and egress for a stretcher. It is recommended that this access is  located as close as possible to the area designated for the access/egress of the emergency  vehicle(s). 

c) Covered Areas 

Clubs must provide two covered dugouts adjacent to and on the same side of the playing area.

They must be capable of accommodating a minimum of six seated persons, and the floor must  be of solid foundation. 

A technical area must be marked in accordance with the Laws of the Game in front of both  dug outs. 


23. Ground Criteria Affecting League Membership

The Management Committee will have plenary powers to remove any club from League membership  should it fail to meet the accepted ground criteria of the League. Clubs must rectify any failures from the  published ground criteria within thirty days of being advised in writing by the LMC. Any club failing to meet  the ground criteria can have its membership of the League removed the following season.


24. Regulations Affecting Referees and Assistant Referees 

No Referee shall take part in the Management of any League Club.

a) Appointments

Appointments shall be made by the LMC. All matches will have an assigned referee, with  assistant referees appointed in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the LMC. Where  assistant referees are not appointed each club must supply one person to the referee to act as  an assistant during the match.

Referees and Assistant Referees are requested to send their replies of acceptance or  otherwise within four days following receipt of the Appointments List.

Referees and Assistant Referees must take advantage of travelling together when so  requested or whenever possible.

b) List, Fees and Expenses

Match Officials Fees will be paid directly by the home club. Referees fees £35, Assistant Referees, if used, fees £25.

The Home club shall pay the Referee and Assistant Referees (if used) fees and traveling  expenses of 45p per mile, up to a maximum £10 in the Match Officials Dressing Room  immediately after the game. 

Only officially appointed referees shall be paid fees or expenses. 

Any Club paying a Referee more than the set fee and travelling allowance, or anyone else in  relation to officiating of a match, shall be deemed guilty of misconduct and shall be dealt with  by the LMC. 

c) Fitness of Ground

The Referee shall have the power to decide as to the fitness of grounds in all matches, and  each Club must take every precaution to keep its ground in a playing condition, and, if  necessary, the Home Club may request the referee to visit the ground two hours before the  advertised time of kick-off. 

Decisions in respect of ground fitness must be taken as late as possible, however due  consideration must be given in respect of the distance being travelled by the visiting team and  match officials.

An official asked to carry out a pitch inspection by a home club prior to any match will be  reimbursed their travelling expenses at the League rate by the club involved. An official asked  to carry out a pitch inspection by a League official prior to any match will be reimbursed their  travelling expenses by the League at the League’s current rate.

In the event of a match being called off by the appointed match referee at the normal time, all  match officials will be entitled to claim half their match fee plus travelling expenses, to be paid  by the home club. If a match is abandoned once the match has commenced, all match officials  are entitled to claim their full match fee plus travelling expenses.

d) Late Starts and Reports

Match officials shall be present at their appointed match at least one hour prior to kick off  time. If officials are aware of difficulties in adhering to this requirement, they must contact the  League Secretary prior to the match.

Referees must report all cases where teams commence a game late, or without eleven players  on the field, and also in cases of their own or assistant’s late arrival in any match, and notify  those concerned at the time of their intention.

In the event of any misconduct, the officiating Referee, and Assistant Referees, must render  his/her report to the Football Association of Wales.

e) Match Report Forms

Referees must post Match Report Forms on day of match. Each club must provide a list of  names and players taking part in the game (including name(s) and number(s) of the  nominated substitute(s)) to the referee, at least thirty minutes before the advertised time of  kick off. The players’ numbers and the colours of the playing strip must be clearly stated. The  standard League forms on COMET must be used for this purpose.

f) Misconduct

ln the event of any misconduct, the officiating Referee, and Assistant Referees, must render  thier report to the appropriate Area Association. 


25. Emergency Officials

Should the appointed referee fail to appear, the most senior appointed assistant referee shall take control.

The senior assistant is the one with the highest grade or if both have similar grades, the one with the  longest service as a referee on the League.

In the event of the Referee or Assistant Referees appointed not attending a match, and the two clubs  agreeing to one on the ground, such Referee shall be considered to be a League Official for the time being.  Referees or Assistant Referees failing to give a satisfactory reason for absence to the Management  Committee shall not be appointed to any other Match during the season. No member of the LMC shall  officiate in the League.


26. Match Results

The Referee shall send the completed standard Referee’s Report Form to the League Secretary within sixty  (60) minutes of the final whistle, using the systems and procedures set by the FAW from time to time. The  Referee’s Report Form must be complete in all details, including the result of the Match, the full names of 

the Players taking part in the Match, the names of the substitutes and details of any substitutions made  (including the Match time when the substitution was made), and details of any yellow cards and red cards  issued (including the Match time when the card was issued).


27. Custody of League Trophies

The Championship Cup will be presented to the winning Club of the said competition.

Upon receiving the said trophy, the following agreement will be signed in connection with the safe keeping  and eventual return of the trophy to the League.

We the undersigned Officials of the.............................................................Club do on their behalf receive  The Tier Two Champions Cup and acknowledge that same has been delivered into our keeping in good and  sound condition.

We agree that the Club will return the said trophy to the League within 28 days of the end of the following  season or upon request by the League Secretary.

We further agree to indemnify the League against Loss of or Damage to the trophy while in our possession  or otherwise to provide an exact replica of the Cup concerned.





Note: No inscription is allowed to be placed on the Cups by any Club.

A set of twenty trophies will be presented to the Clubs adjudged Winners and Runners-up in the  championship. Additional trophies to the set of twenty can only be obtained by special sanction of the  LMC.


28. Players Insurance

It is the responsibility of the Club that all insurance matters relating to the activities of the Club are  covered. This should include players, staff, facilities, matches, travel and any other areas for which the  Club may be liable. Insurance offered by the FAW in respect of COMET registration may form part of this  provision. It is advised that Clubs seek professional guidance regarding all insurance matters.


29. Scale of Fines

Failure to fulfil a fixture - 1st offence plus deduction of points £50 Failure to fulfil a fixture - each additional offence plus deduction of points £100 Late presentation of team sheet to referee and/or opponents £10 By late arrival, causing match to be delayed £1.00 fine per minute, minimum £10

Failure of club to attend AGM or any Special General Meetings, or event proscribed as mandatory £50

Failure to reply to correspondence £10

Failure to advise on match postponements £20

Failure to advise on changes to details on the Club Affiliation form £20

Starting a fixture with only 10 players £10

Starting a fixture with only 9 players £20

Starting a fixture with only 8 players £30

Playing an ineligible player – 1st offence fine plus deduction of three points for each offence £25

Playing an ineligible player – each additional offence fine plus deduction of three points for each offence £50


30. Matters Not Provided for by the Rules

Any infringement of the Rules and any other matter not provided for by the Rules shall be dealt with by  the League Management Committee.

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