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7. Club good practice

7.1 Code of Conduct

Clubs should:-

7.1.1  Promote the FAW Code of Conduct and Good Practice through the use of appropriate literature and other tools engaging children, young people and adults. Recommended literature and other tools can be found here.

7.2 Equipment and Facilities

Clubs should: --

7.2.1  Follow the regulations relating to Small-Sided Football which can be found here.

7.2.2  Ensure players in year 6 or under use size 3/4 footballs with a minimum of 1 ball for every two players.

7.2.3  Ensure players in year 7 and over use size 4/5 footballs with a minimum of 1 ball for every two players.

7.2.4  Ensure each team/16 players having the following equipment as a minimum requiremen:-

•          8 balls,
•          20 marker cones,
•          2 x Sets of coloured training bibs,
•          1 x ball net,
•          1 x stirrup pump,
•          1 x first aid kit.

7.3 Volunteer recruitment

Clubs should: -

7.3.1  Encourage parents of children and young people to take an active role within the club by identifying roles and responsibilities by them undertaking a parent registration form.

7.4 Identification and support of Talented Players

Clubs should: -

7.4.1  Encourage and refer male and female players with potential to attend the local Development Centres or Academies.


As approved by the CGB - May 2022

First Published

08 September 2020

Last Updated

01 September 2022

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