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1.1. Social Media is defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”.

1.2. The Association recognises that the use of Social Media can have a positive impact on the promotion and accessibility of football in Wales. The Association promotes within these Regulations the participation in these online communities and encourages every Member and/or Subordinate to exercise respect, responsibility and integrity when using Social Media.

1.3. These Regulations are designed to ensure the responsible use of Social Media Platforms by all those involved in football under the jurisdiction of the Association. This Regulation aims to prevent the use of Social Media in any way which may be harmful to the interests of the FAW. It is the Association’s intention to take vigorous action against individuals and/or clubs who act in any way in contravention of this Regulation.


2.1. Members and Subordinates should refer to the guidance on the use of Social Media Platforms contained within the Football Association of Wales’ “off the Pitch” policy.

2.2. For the purpose of these Regulations, Social Media Platforms will include (without limitation) the following:

2.2.1.  Twitter;

2.2.2.  Facebook;

2.2.3.  MySpace;

2.2.4.  LinkedIn;

2.2.5.  Instagram;

2.2.6.  YouTube;

2.2.7.  Blogs; and

2.2.8.  Forums.

The Association recognises that there are numerous Social Media Platforms available and the above list is not intended to be exhaustive. Live broadcasts and/or recordings will also be subject to these Regulations.


3.1. Where there is sufficient evidence of an offence as specified under this Regulation, the individual and/or club concerned will be charged with a Disciplinary Offence as set out under FAW Rule 38 and the matter dealt with in accordance with the provisions set out in Section E of the Rules.


4.1. It shall be a breach of these Regulations if any Member and/or Subordinate publishes or share’s, on any Social Media Platform, anything which:

4.1.1. implies bias of any player, club, club official, match official, league, league official, Area Association, Area Association official or the Association;

4.1.2. questions the integrity of the Association and/or any Member and/or Subordinate;

4.1.3. is offensive, abusive, insulting, threatening, derogatory or of a personal nature which is likely to cause offence at any time;

4.1.4. is intended to harass another Member and/or Subordinate. Harassment is defined as systematic, hostile and repeated acts for a considerable duration, intended to isolate or ostracise a Member and/or Subordinate and affect the dignity of that Member and/or Subordinate;

4.1.5. brings the Association and/or the game of Association Football or all other forms of football under the jurisdiction of the Association into disrepute.

4.2. For the avoidance of doubt, any Member and/or Subordinate will be held responsible for any comments made that are recorded and/or streamed live, which are directly or indirectly published or broadcast to a wider audience.

4.3. Any Member and/or Subordinate who posts, on any Social Media Platform, a post which is deemed to be of a discriminatory nature, as defined by section 3.1 of the Non-Discrimination Regulations, may be charged pursuant to the Non-Discrimination Regulations.

4.4. Upon receipt of a report that any Member and/or Subordinate may have in any way contravened this Regulation, the Association will investigate and decide on the appropriate action to be taken.

4.5. Any Member and/or Subordinate who is deemed to be in breach of this Regulation may be charged with a Disciplinary Offence under the FAW Rules and sanctioned in accordance with Section E.

4.6. You are also reminded that, in certain circumstances, breach of this Regulation may also constitute a criminal offence.


As approved by the Disciplinary Chairs Committee - Apr 2021

First Published

08 September 2020

Last Updated

05 January 2023

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