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50. The law governing the Reduced Penalty Regulations, the Regulations for Disciplinary Procedures Concerning Field Offences and any proceedings before the Judicial Bodies shall be the law of England and Wales. The standard of proof applied shall be the balance of probabilities except that under Rules 38.1.5 and 38.1.5(A) to (D) inclusive the standard of proof applied shall be whether the Disciplinary Offence has been established to the comfortable satisfaction of the Judicial Body.

51. The rules of service set out in Rule 144 shall apply to all notices and any other communications whatsoever sent in connection with the Reduced Penalty Regulations or any proceedings of a Judicial Body.   

52. These Rules are sufficient to enable the Association, Members, Associate Members and Subordinates to resolve all Disciplinary Offences and disputes or differences. The Parties must exhaust all procedures and processes of appeal in these Rules before taking legal proceedings in a court of law and then only as a last resort.

53. Notwithstanding any rule or regulation (in whatever form) of any Member, Associate Member or Subordinate to the contrary, it shall be a condition of the Association sanctioning any competition organised by the Member, Associate Member or any Subordinate that any appellant may lodge an appeal with the Disciplinary Panel (under Rules 39.2.2 or 39.2.3) against any decision of the Member, Associate Member or a Subordinate.

54. Any penalty imposed under the Reduced Penalty Regulations or any decision of the Judicial Body shall be a decision of the Association and all Members and Associate Members will comply with the same and all Members and Associate Members will ensure that all Subordinates comply with the same.

54(A) Without limiting the Association’s powers of publication under Rule 135, the Association shall be permitted (but not obliged) to publish summaries of the decisions of its Judicial Bodies in whatever form and forum it considers appropriate from time to time.

First Published

08 September 2020

Last Updated

13 December 2021

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