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113. The Association shall compile and keep a record of Match Officials for use of its Members and all other bodies within its jurisdiction. The secretary of each Area Association shall, on or before 1st August in each year, give the Association (using the systems and procedures set out by the Association from time to time) the grade, classification or category of each Match Official affiliated to that Area Association at the commencement of the current Playing Season. 

114. On the field of play, any decision by the referee in charge of any match on questions of fact or the interpretation of the Laws of the Game or the Futsal Laws of the Game shall be final and conclusive.  The Disciplinary Procedures Concerning Field Offences Regulations shall stipulate the penalties automatically imposed on Players and Team Officials in consequence of any offence committed during a match, as reported by the referee of that match. The said Regulations shall also specify any rights of appeal which may be permitted by the Association from time to time against any such automatically imposed penalty. In addition, the Association shall always have the right to bring a charge of a Disciplinary Offence against a Player or Team Official where it receives evidence of misconduct during a match where the referee of the match confirms to the Association that he/she did not witness the said event. 

115. When a Match Official is appointed for any match by the Association, an Area Association or the organisers of a competition sanctioned by the Association, the Match Official shall, using the systems and procedures set out by the Association from time to time, within three (3) days of receipt by him/her of the notice of appointment, inform such appointing body whether he/she accepts or declines the appointment. Unless directed by the Association, having accepted an appointment to act as a Match Official for a match, the Match Official shall not cancel such engagement in order to officiate in some other match. 

116. It shall be a breach of these Rules, if any referee fails to report any instance of misconduct during or relating to a match which comes to his/her notice, and if it is proved to the satisfaction of the Association that such instance of misconduct was of a nature that required reporting. 

117. No Match Official may serve on a committee of any Area Association or any league or other competition of whatever kind if he/she officiates as a Match Official within the jurisdiction of such Area Association, league or competition. 

118. The promotion and demotion of referees and assistant referees to and from the National Leagues, together with the nomination of referees and assistant referees to the annual FIFA International Referee and FIFA International Assistant Referee lists, shall be at the sole discretion of the Association.

First Published

08 September 2020

Last Updated

02 August 2022

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